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Remote-Reservoir Rear Shock (3-Way Adjustable)

Superb value TRACK-DAY and RACE shock - built just for you, to your spec.

Nitron's race shocks are designed for the most serious and demanding of riders and as such incorporate separate high and low speed compression damping control valves for further fine-tuning of setup for race bikes or for very high performance road use.

Offering significant dynamic and adjustability range benefits over OE sports bike shocks, this is the perfect unit for anyone looking for the best value performance shock you can buy, making it ideal for mixed road and track use.

Made in England, all Nitron shocks are totally rebuildable and backed by Nitron's USA based technical support and service operation.

Please include your weight (with any specific requirements you may have regarding whether you want a lower or higher default seat height - i.e. if you are taller or shorter than average) and state how your bike is used (i.e. road solo only, road with pillion, road and track or track only etc.) as we will be building your shock to your specific order with the optimum length, spring rate and damper adjustments pre-set for you.

  • Nitron will build your shock to order with the specification based on your individual needs and with all adjustments pre-set (see above)
  • Manufactured with a hard-anodized corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy CNC machined body using the highest quality internal components
  • Remote Hose (H) or Piggy-Back (PB) mounted gas pressure reservoir (bike model application dependent) for fade-free consistent high-performance operation
  • Manual preload adjustment with c-spanner included, or...Optional Hydraulic Remote Preload Adjuster System (HPA) for quick changes to rear ride-height to vary steering response between road and track (also ideal for shorter riders or for those bikes where the laden weight varies significantly; e.g. from solo to with pillion & luggage)
  • Adjustable length as standard on most models to fine tune steering speed/response (also ideal for shorter riders who may want to reduce seat height [the typical lower seat height achievable is up to 30mm/1.25"] )
  • Separate compression and rebound damping adjustment for more advanced bike setup
  • By far the best value professional race level shock you can buy
  • Very light weight (e.g. Triumph Daytona675, more than 0.5 Kg lighter, even with Hydraulic Preload Preload Adjuster included for Race version)
  • 3rd piston Shim-Stack for very low speed rebound damping control
  • Teflon lined low-friction rose jointed eyes where applicable (bike-dependent end fittings may differ from those shown here
  • Ultra low-friction piston rod seal design
  • Completely rebuildable/re-valvable with rapid USA maintenance and support service
  • The highest quality - combined with the best value - race shock you can buy