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TITAX Forged Aluminum Wheels

TITAX Forged Aluminum Wheels

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MotoGP and Moto2 technology. Like all Titax products these wheels are used and tested in the heat of battle in the most competitive race series on the planet. IAMT have chosen TITAX as their official wheels for MOTO GP and MOTO 2 projects!

The TITAX wheels mulit-step manufacturing process starts from a single solid piece of high grade aerospace aluminum.
High pressure forging (30 thousand tons) is then used to further improve the grain structure. This high pressure forging is the only way to create the strongest and stiffest finished product. The forged blanks are then machined on Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) milling machines to ensure that bearing surfaces, etc are perfectly true. For the rear wheel we start with a 25 kg piece of the forged aluminum, for the front 15 kg. When the whole process is finished than the weight of the rear wheel (17*5,5) is from 4.6 kg (fully equipped  Moto2 Type 1.01) and the front wheel is from only 2.75 kg (fully equipped Moto2 Type 1.01) !! In total it gives more than 3,8 - 7,2 kg weight saving compare to O.E.M. wheels depands on the model. Load weight for static wheels is on the front wheel is 295 kg, on the rear wheel 375 kg.